The Merseyside Civic Society Awards scheme raises awareness of the important role played by high quality architecture, landscape and urban design an enhancing the quality of the environment. The programme encourages higher standards across Merseyside by rewarding outstanding projects in all fields of environmental design, but most importantly, improving civic pride. The Merseyside Civic Society Awards not only recognise good design, but also for the way in which schemes relate to their settings and to the spaces in between. Entries are welcome from all design projects, regardless of size or type that make a positive contribution to their environment and to the communities that they serve. Small projects, and those with community involvement, are particularly welcome. The following awards are available for 2011-2012

New Building Award

This award will be given to a new building project that, by virtue of its form, features and/or function is of evident merit and makes a substantial contribution to the place and space around it.  It should make a positive contribution to the quality and appearance of the townscape and take appropriate account of the context in which it is located.

Refurbishment Award

This award will be given to a scheme that demonstrates success in the restoration or adaptation of a building or buildings that are of architectural and/or historical significance. The development should meet the key challenges faced in the treatment of many older buildings.  This can include the introduction a new and sustainable use that will secure its future and contribute to the local economy, while enabling the retention of key features.

Public Space Award

This award will recognise a scheme that successfully creates an interesting space that meets the needs of users and enhances people’s experience of the locality, whilst respecting and complementing the area’s distinctive character.

Housing Award

This award will be given to a housing development that is acknowledged to be ‘working’. It can include schemes that are produced in the form of private or public sector new build, conversion or renovation, which demonstrate a significant improvement in the standard of residential accommodation and associated amenity that is appreciated by its residents.

Green Space Award

This award will celebrate a green space that enriches the soul of Merseyside.  Any green space is eligible for entry, as long as it is freely accessible to all, it is clean, green, well maintained, well managed and provides an attractive focus for outdoor activity for the local community's benefit.

Civic Pride Award (awarded on Civic Day in June)

The Civic Pride award will be both nominated and voted on by the Merseyside public.  What makes you proud of where you live? This might be something beautiful or amazing, or something permanent, or simply over in an hour.  The ‘where’, for example, might be a suburban centre, your street or your local park. The award is to recognise whatever best stimulates local pride in the hearts of Merseysiders. The site, project, event or initiative must be free for all to enjoy.

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